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No Taybeh Beer on July 4th
Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D


We wish all of our American friends a Happy Independence Day....very fun 4th of July celebrations to all!

In the past, Taybeh Beer was always served for 4th of July celebrations in Jerusalem and it was a great honor to sponsor consulate events but with President Trump moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it’s such a loud voice for making the Holy City Jewish only! Palestinians don't have much to celebrate this July 4th ...They continue to be last class citizens in a country that is not recognized as their own.

I avoided sending messages in June because I was full of rage that my husband David was denied a permit to go to St. Cathrine’s Monestary in Sinai with a pilgrim’s group. While Israel controls the boarders , natural resources, airspace and sea, we continue to keep our hope for basic freedom of movement . One day we hope to be celebrating like Americans celebrate their freedom today ! At least Taybeh Beer has made it to Boston, DC and San Francisco ..Cheers!












Dr. Maria Khoury

Dr. Maria Khoury

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