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Taybeh Multimedia

__ Road to Emmaus  
____Journal of Orthodox Faith and Culture  
____Fall 2010, Vol. XI, No. 4  
____Interview with International Editor  
____Mother Nectaria McLees  
____Letters from a Village  
____Collected by Alan Lonergan  
____Sadaka - The Ireland Palestine Alliance  
Images of Taybeh
__  Maria Khoury's Photo Gallery  
  Web Page  
__  Taybeh Housing Projects Slideshow  
  PowerPoint Presentation (28 MB)  
Interviews with Maria Khoury  
  __ Ancient Faith Radio  
    Interview 1: The plight of Christians living in the Holy Land, March 2008.  
    Audio (16 minutes, 7.6MB)  
    Interview 2: Current situation and humanitarian efforts, February 2010.  
    Audio (12 minutes, 5.7MB)  
    Interview 3: St. Vladimir's Seminary Conference, Orthodoxy and Higher Education, June 2011.  
    Audio (19 minutes, 17.2MB)  
    Interview 4: A Christian on the West Bank, January 2014.  
    Audio (20 minutes, 19MB)  
    Interview 5: Crisis in the Holy Land, January 2014.  
    Audio (19 minutes, 18MB)  
    Interview 6: Promoting Taybeh, January 2016.  
    Audio (19 minutes, 18MB)  
  __ The Arabic Hour _  
    Arab-American community T.V. program discusses the living conditions of Palestinians under occupation as well as efforts to alliviate some of the people's sufferings.
(Audio 14 MB, Video 156 MB)
  __ Calvin College's Inner Compass Program  
    (Audio 12.6 MB, Video 76 MB)  
  __ Al Jazeera at Oktoberfest    
    (YouTube Video)    
  __ CBS News 60 Minutes    
    (YouTube Video)    











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