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Taybeh Orthodox Church Housing Project

30 houses completed
First houses built August 2005
First houses built August 2005
First phase completed 12 houses
Last 30th house roofed 2019
First houses built August 2005
Village of Taybeh
Village of Taybeh
Sixth grader Katie Nasser waiting for her home to be completed.
The youngest child of seven in her family. (Feb 2006)
Taybeh Orthodox Housing Project (March 2006). Six unfinished Duplex homes for twelve families. Great appreciation to all who helped us!
Start of the Taybeh Orthodox Housing Project (Aug 2005) Job creation for six different builders, about 30 workers benefited.
24th House roofed October 2013
First home finished and occupied by Khayo family
Road paved housing project May 2014

Greetings from the Holy Land!

The Taybeh Orthodox Church Housing Project committee sincerely thanks the many churches and individuals who supported building 30 houses in Taybeh.

The housing project initiated in 1998 by the late Canaan David Khoury was designed to improve the living conditions of families who do not have their own home by building on land donated back to the church by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The housing project created temporary jobs during the building phase and helped toward sustaining the small Christian community in one of the most ancient places in Palestine. Taybeh is the modern name given by the Islamic leader Salahadin for the Biblical village of Ephraim. It is best known for the time Christ came to the village to escape and rest with his disciples before his crucifixion. (John 11:54).

At the present time there are three churches and many chapels in Taybeh. In addition, the first Greek Orthodox Church of St. George was built in the late fourth century and now remains as archeological ruins (Al-Khader) and a special place of worship. Our present church was built in 1931 after the original structure was destroyed twice naturally. The other churches: Greek Catholic (Melkite) and Latin Church (Roman Catholic).

The local residents of Taybeh number about 1300 people. Thousands of Palestinian Christians from Taybeh live abroad. Christians in this little village trace their roots to the time of Christ.

Latest News
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