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Economos V. Rev. David (Daoud) Philip Khoury

Fr. David Khoury was born in the Taybeh-Ramallah district on the West Bank November 6, 1950 attending the local school in the village of Taybeh throughout his formative years. He joined the Greek Orthodox Seminary in Jerusalem where he learned the teachings of Orthodox faith and the Greek language.

He moved to U.S.A. to continue his education and receive a university degree in English literature at Lynwood Adult College and an electronics engineering diploma at Edison Technical College in Los Angeles , California 1974.

He was appointed as an English teacher at the Taybeh Latin Secondary School upon his return to Palestine but moved to Saudi Arabia for greater financial opportunties. He worked as a sales manager for a European trading firm for almost ten years, and achieved a diploma in marketing and sales management from Trans World Tutorial College in U.K . (1985).

Hearing God's call, Fr. David was ordained a deacon on Transfiguration Day August l986 by the late Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem , Deodoros I, and ordained a priest on December 21, 1986 to serve as a parish priest of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Taybeh where his grandfather Fr. David Khoury was serving in the 1920's.

Fr. David being fluent not only in his native Arabic language but also in English was able to accumulate knowledge from Orthodox study Bible texts to further develop and encourage a more active liturgical life at St. George's Church where he is able to serve the Liturgy in three languages Arabic, English and Greek.

He is a very active individual where he has renewed the activities of the very old Orthodox youth organization which was established in 1927 and organized youth groups in the village in 1996 where they gather to hear God's word. He also leads the Church school with help of other volunteers.

Fr. David is married to (Khourie) Nezwah and has three sons and two daughters. He is also a proud grandfather. Since l986 he continues to serve as the parish priest of St. George Greek Orthodox Church and served as the principal at the Taybeh Orthodox Secondary School (l986-2003).


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